Full Membership of APQO, Inc. will be vested on any reputable organization in the Asia Pacific country involved in furthering the objectives of APQO, Inc. The Executive Board is to determine the eligibility of bodies to join the APQO, Inc. as Full Members. Each member country will have one (1) organization with a Full Membership of the Council of APQO, Inc. with voting rights. Council may consider admitting additional organizations as Full Members for large countries with more than 300 Million population up to maximum of three (3) member organizations in the Council at a time or as observers on a case by case basis. Decision of the Executive Board is final .

Individual Members are persons qualified to actively support to realize Vision, Mission and objectives of APQO, Inc. Qualifications will be evaluated by the APQO, Inc. Vice President for Administration with support from Secretariat or appointed APQO staff.

Honorary Membership may be awarded by unanimous approval of the Core Council to any person with appropriate qualifications on the proposal of at least three (3) Full Members from three (3) different countries. As a guideline, there will be no more than one (1) Honorary Member elected per year.

Charter Members either individual or organizational are those who were either present or represented during the organizational stages of APQO (1981 to 1983). When qualified, they can be eligible either as individual or honorary or organizational members.

Lifetime Members are those APQO Individual Members who are role models for quality meets specified requirements and would like to pay membership dues for ten (10) years in advance and have at least ten (10) years involvement in quality-related activities and five (5) consecutive years of active participation at APQO activities or as may be decided by council on case by case basis when there is no involvement at APQO activities.

Corporate Members are business organizations or corporations (public or private) which are interested to take part in fulfilment of objectives and mission of APQO, Inc. and benefit from their membership at APQO, Inc. Corporate members are not Council members and have no voting rights.


APQO code of conduct

All members and officials shall adhere to APQO code of conduct.

They will

  • uphold and safeguard the prestige and professionalism of APQO as a leading quality organisation in support of its vision and mission
  • demonstrate desired behaviours that supports APQO objectives
  • utilize skills and competence to promote and practice desired quality behaviour
  • declare any influence, connections or interest that would impair impartiality in decision making
  • be honest and impartial in discharging duties as a member/appointment holder
  • uphold APQO's Constitution and By-laws and Code of Conduct
  • contribute to the decision making process in improving APQO
  • be transparent and open in all work undertaken for the organisation as an official
  • report any undesired or suspicious actions or misuse of authority
  • accept responsibility and be accountable for their actions and decisions



APQO Registered Office:

Postal Address:
PO Box 622
Palmerston North 4440
New Zealand

Physical Address:
Floor 1
ETC Building
140 The Square
Palmerston North 4440
New Zealand

Phone : +64 6 351 4407
Fax : +64 6 351 4408


APQO GPEA Secretariat:
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 712 267 430
Email: [email protected]


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