Enhance quality of goods, services, practices, economies, environment and quality of the life of the people to be future ready.


Advancing the effective use of quality tools, management system standards and principles, productivity tools and techniques, best practices, innovation, technology and business excellence models. Recognizing and awarding for performance excellence.


The Key objective of APQO, Inc. is to become an Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence (COE) for quality and the allied arts and sciences. As a scientific and technical organization to network and jointly work towards improving the quality of products and services, processes, environment, economies and enhancing quality of life of its people. This to be supported by the continual development of quality professionals along with encouraging and recognizing the achievement of significant performance in the practice of Quality

The specific objectives of APQO, Inc. are: to initiate, disseminate and promote through possible efficient means the awareness, understanding and application of the techniques and basic philosophy of the Quality Management as a system for business improvements, embracing business excellence model with the key purpose of enhancing the life of its people and quality of products and services in a rapidly changing work environment.

To achieve its key objectives, the APQO, Inc. will:

  • Organize promote and develop appropriate means to meet with other organizations, institutions, groups and individuals concerned with and/or engaged in works related to Quality management of products and services and continuous improvement of their business processes for organizational sustainability.
  • Endeavor to foster coordination, cooperation and collaboration in matters of exchange of experience, best practices and views, research, instruction, promotion, documentation and publications.
  • Promote the adoption of business excellence models and encourage innovation to enhance productivity.

The principal approach to the achievement of APQO, Inc. objectives:

  • Organization of Committees and Sections of groupings which the Council may deem necessary instruments for the achievement of APQO, Inc. aims through:
    - Setting up of conferences, seminars, short courses, offering expertise advice
    - Setting up of programs for awards for recognition of individuals, organizations and teams
    - Publishing of periodicals, newsletters and best practice reports
    - Exchanging of documentation, literature, speakers, trainers, experts and instructional aids.
  • Development of other methods and/or approaches which may be decided upon by the APQO, Inc. Core Council.



APQO Registered Office:

Postal Address:
PO Box 622
Palmerston North 4440
New Zealand

Physical Address:
Floor 1
ETC Building
140 The Square
Palmerston North 4440
New Zealand

Phone : +64 6 351 4407
Fax : +64 6 351 4408


APQO GPEA Secretariat:
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 712 267 430
Email: [email protected]


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